After 30 years in the financial sector, which has become a kind of "creative industry" in the last decade, I decided in 2015 to give up my profession and devote myself to art.
 I deliberately moved from Zurich to Arosa and opened my small studio there at 1800 metres above sea level. 

Since I have always been fascinated by the brilliance of oil colours and the technique of the old masters, I was fortunate to find Herdin Radtke, a painter who has accepted me as his pupil and with whom I continue to receive regular lessons. I work mainly in oil - but also with acrylic, mixed media and pastel. As an autodidact it is important to me to first learn the basics of the different painting techniques  - which is also the reason not to limit myself to one technique or to one style. 

My first approach to the art of oil painting is a conscious deceleration and observation. Not "result-oriented" work - but work, material and colour as a process. 

As I have for many years involved myself with different philosophical ideas (especially Buddhism and Daoism), today's media reports touch and occupy me differently than during my time at the bank. I wonder how in the age of media hyperactivity and speed I can get the viewer to look at my picture for longer than an estimated 1 - 3 seconds before he "clicks further" or moves on. Is it the colour combinations - is it the theme? - is it the clarity of the object or the complexity of the superimposed spaces? I want to get to the bottom of these questions with my paintings and to see what effect I have evoked in the viewers. For me originality no longer means that I must think "out of the box" to distinguish myself or to achieve a set sales goal. It is rather the freedom I have to expose myself to the flow of time and to react artistically to impulses from my surroundings. I would like to try to draw an arc with my works - from the technique and viewpoint of romantic painting to the uncertainty and insecurity of today’s life. I can't say yet where this journey will take me. I spend almost every day in my studio trying to discover this artistically.  

I also teach interested people, and guide them in a simple way, how to be artistically creative and active. I firmly believe that every person has some form of creativity in them and I am happy when I can contribute to awakening this.

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